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Our Vision

We aim consistently to provide products with value for money and quality that will serve the customer needs in the best possible way, based on the latest market trends.

About Us

As a major source of sheet metal component, offering a wide spectrum of solutions to an array of industries, LENS INDIA (Lakshmi Envirotech Systems Pvt. Ltd) was born into the industrial world in 1992. It was journey of innovative thinking that started flourishing to become a success story and is today an indispensable name in the industrial household.

Ever since it hit the road, LENS INDIA has been growing in leaps and bounds. With the road map to success clearly defined, and its unwavering mind focused on doing justice to its purpose of existence, LENS INDIA, today has evolved to become a reputed organization in the field of MARINE HABITABILITY, STEEL FIRE DOORS, ELEVATOR ACCESSORIES MANUFACTURER and SHEET METAL COMPONENTS.

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To Provide safe and comfortable MARINE, NAVY Habitability products.
To Provide fire safe doors for MARINE and others applications.
To support with safe and quality parts to the ELEVATOR industry.
To EOU components to major Engineering industries.